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We have our house recently. The second weekend our neighbor Sally called and invited us to take a tubegalore drink and said Cossie, if we have a hot tub to move, is still a couple of other neighbors as well. We went with a bottle of wine and a box of beer. In the garden we were introduced to the other neighbors. I noticed tubegalore a woman in the tub, and Ghent. His wife Ann was topless as she stood up to shake his hand was completely naked and her pussy was shaved. Her husband Peter, who was also naked. My wife, Jane could not through the eyes of Pedro 8 inch flaccid cock. We started drinking and talking with our hosts, Sally and Tom. After half an hour before we stripped off the Sally whirlpool y. Tom said to Don 't she like to play bite and teasing about. tubegalore He said if you were not comfortable with nudity, then you could keep in our bathing suits when we got in the tub. He undressed and got into the tub, the eight people. Instead of the other cJill and Ben Koppel released and lay down on the sun loungers. The drink was flowing well. Jane and I decided to join and tubegalore bared all. Jane has a 42dd breasts and pubic hair is shaved. As I was in the tub I noticed that Sally gave Peter a hand job and his erect penis was now 11 inches, and left the bubbling water. Ann got up and walked in front of Tom, and began licking her pussy. Jane 's tubegalore tits were suspended due to bubbles in the tub and started to have an erection. I went back arched and his cock out of the water and said, 'to the periscope. ' Ann put one hand on my cock free and started to masturbate me. Peter said about Jane and began massaging her breasts and said, '. If you want a sense, go ahead ' then Sally took over and started rubbing his hands up and down his shaft and massaged his balls with the other hand. We have heard a long sigh and looked at Jill gets fucked doggy style from Ben to see. He pulled out his cock and shot his load on himr back. Sally said, ' what a waste ' and left the bath and went to see Jill and began to lick Ben 's sperm in her mouth. This was too much for me and rubs cried, I was coming, Ann then put his mouth on my cock and gave him an extra pair and I shot my load into her mouth that was swallowed. Jane sat between Tom and Peter and masturbates so much. He got up and both Peter tubegalore and Tom began to finger her pussy and rubs her clit. She came with a small sigh. Tom stayed with Jane and then turned out tubegalore of the tub, Jane jerks it hard. Sally came and presented to him when he shot his load on her face. He got in the tub, when Tom got out and started kissing me. I started rubbing her pussy and got on another hard drive, told me to sit down and got on my cock and rode me. Pedro was still sitting with large capacity hard drive. Jane sat on him and began Boncing up and down. Sally returned when he ejaculates. Jane took Peter is the price of largek for 10 minutes, when suddenly have a few extra inches, then entered. The eight of us sat down to drink in the bathtub. She decided to move every five tubegalore minutes before a round spot, so that another man, fingers and play with another cock. Jane had been drinking heavily and was asked if he could lick Peter his cock and suck his balls, he said, could, if he could take in the Greek style. He said that without knowing what it was in the Greek style. Having licked and sucked his cock, bends over his face on the side of fand bath, so that everyone has a great view of Jane 's ass. He began tubegalore his rule in his hole mass brown and she began to moan. Peter was about 7 inches of rock hard cock into his hole. He then began to pump. Jane was moaning and groaning, and ARTY arrived 5 minutes. Peter came and loads of cum spurts of Jane in the ass. As he put it seems, when Ozinga gallons of cum out of his hole. Pether was very hard to eat. Looking forward to the invitation to come. The best way to know your neighbors
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